Hong Kong Visa Run – What I Ate

Getting a new visa was one of the worst experiences of my life. Not only did it prove to be the biggest hassle I’ve ever experienced, but it rained for all 4 days and made sightseeing extremely unenjoyable. I’d even go as far to say, “I hate Hong Kong.”

However, there was one redeeming quality about this trip: the food. HK was part of the British empire until 1997, so western quality is the norm. Here is what I ate:

Meal 1 (Dinner): Steak

Meal 2 (Breakfast): Baby back ribs

Meal 3 (Lunch): Baby back ribs and chicken wings

Meal 4 (Dinner): Steak from Morton’s.

Meal 5 (Breakfast): Steak and eggs with a side of bacon

Meal 6 (Lunch): Steak sandwich

Meal 7 (Dinner): Steak

Meal 8 (Breakfast): Eggs benedict.


*Note: All of this stuff is available in Beijing, but it’s either poor-quality or ruined by idiot Chinese chefs.




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