The blog is back

Hi everybody! I’m alive. I’m going to start blogging again. It just so happened I fell into a job, made a great group of friends, and have much to share with the Western world. Plus, I’ve noticed that my English skills are getting worse, so I need practice writing.

I didn’t expect to become a teacher, but I actually enjoy it. Right now I teach 30 hours a week of 1-on-1 lessons, the majority of which are at the houses or offices of my students ranging in ages from 3 to 45. Unlike teachers who have to deal with 30 students at a time, I pretty much have free reign to teach what I want to who I want, depending on the level of their Engrish.

“This jerk gets teach whatever he wants? Those poor Chinese!” You just said that to yourself.  I’ve actually got the highest teacher satisfaction rating at two of the three agencies I work through. And it’s because of my refusal to teach through the standards Chinese learning (rote memorization) that I get to have fun with my students and teach them something specifically not taught in Chinese schools: critical thinking and creativity.

I’ll share more stories about teaching another time. For now, I’d encourage all of you to use the Google Chrome browser’s auto-translate feature to read through these two Taobao blog posts in Chinese. Subject matter: ugly Asian women’s makeup routine to look pretty. Turning shit into gold. Which is an excellent metaphor for what the Chinese government is trying to do with their nation. I repeat: Turning shit into gold.

The pictures are disturbing but the translations give great insight into the linguistic differences between English and Chinese. Not to mention, they’re downright hilarious.



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